Every web solution invented is special and unique: it is built based on customer needs. For this, Amicable invest a lot of time and resources gathering customers’ requirements through customer meeting, and after a feasibility analysis we recommend our clients based on our findings.

Amicable believes in the philosophy of customer will not walk alone after the delivery of the agreed customer wants: this is why we offer a beneficial service package software with which we are committed to follow the web solution in its evolution and optimization stages during the future.


How we build Web Solution

After the necessary phase of information gathering and analysis of requirements, Amicable move to the design criteria of modularity and robustness of the code. In other words, we structure the software to be scalable (i.e. it has a chance to grow with the growth of the business without having to readjust again).

We use frameworks and programming languages, preferably with Opensource license and providing long-term support, in order to ensure safety and stability of the code.

We test our applications thoroughly before the final release, and we continue to monitor our projects continuously even after going live in the online space.

We help the customer in selecting the best provider to host their websites and support in implementing its corporate intranet.

Finally, we provide support services and maintenance of Website.

Some of our specialties in the web solution field includes:

  • Personal websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Solutions for e-commerce
  • Social network (thematic and generalist)
  • Business management
  • Vertical solution specific to your business

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